Different ways elder law attorneys can help you

For the past few years, the population of senior citizens in the United States has been increasing. The rise in the elderly population can be attributed to various reasons. For one, the baby boomers are aging, and second, the influx of migrates is at its highest. Also, the average life expectancy in the U.S. has gone down in the past few years. However, most U.S. citizens live up to the 80s or 90s. Growing old is not an easy task. As people age, they lose the strength they once possessed and become susceptible to old age illnesses. Elderly people are vulnerable to abuse, mistreatments, and financial fraud.

Elders need assistance in a lot of matters, including legal issues. Elder law attorney near me work with elders and offers them a comprehensive solution to their legal matters. Elders can have varied concerns like Medicaid, estate planning, abuse, wealth management, or housing. Since each person has a different life, their challenges also differ.

Since elder abuse is a serious offense, you should approach an elder lawyer proficient in resolving legal matters concerning senior citizens if an older adult you know is experiencing abuse or mistreatment.

However, elder abuse attorney near me can be sought out for various reasons other than abuse. In this blog, we have listed down some of these reasons. 

Estate planning and wealth management

Estate planning may be stressful, whether you have a successful company and a lot of assets or a tiny house and a small bank account. Putting your finances in order, on the other hand, is a parting gift to your family. Estate preparation is more than writing a will. Besides the final will and testament, one has the option for pour-over wills, living wills, and joint wills that operate in tandem with trusts and other forms of wills. An elder law attorney can adequately describe the sort of will(s) you ought to best manage what transpires to you and your resources during your lifetime and after you die.

Elder lawyers specializing in estate planning can help seniors manage the estate, forming healthcare directives, trusts, wealth management, guardianships, insurance policies, IRAs, annuities, and more. 

2. Assistance with government programs

In the U.S., there are various government-run programs developed for seniors. Some of these programs are available on the state level, while others can be availed at the federal level. Qualification requirements of these programs can be confusing for many, especially for the one who is applying for the first time. An experienced elder law attorney can help you walk through the complex process of enrolling with government programs. Elder law lawyers help senior clients and their families understand various schemes like Medicare, Medicaid, or veteran program and their different aspects. 

3. Social Security Benefits

Social security benefits change according to the age range. There are specific rules for qualifying for retirement benefits. Your one wrong move can have long-term negative implications on your payout. The elder law attorney you hire can help you determine the best course of action based on your health and financial standing.